How Are Avocados Like Diesel Diagnostic Computers?

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This article is about diesel truck laptop computers, so please be patient.

In our goal to maintain & improve our health my wife & I decided to place avocados in our diet on a regular basis. We’d eaten them previously, but not on a regular basis. The reason for them not being a regular part of our diet was due to cost & quality. We’d go to the grocery store & occasionally give them a try, but the satisfaction rate with the quality was all over the chart, but generally disappointing.

With avocados they seem to come in two offerings, harder than a baseball or soft and mushy. Now with soft & mushy you are most likely to use it in a recipe or make guacamole. But like Forrest Gump said, it’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get until you open it. It may be fine or it may be soft & mushy because it’s gone bad. All of this happens because the avocado skin is great at hiding the edible (or lack thereof) contents.

Now, let’s say you buy it “harder than a baseball” avocado and you take it home to ripen, telling yourself this is going to be wonderful to eat, once it ripens. So, you place it on the counter, waiting a few days for that perfect feel of softness. You pull out your knife & slice it open, into quarters, of course. Only at that time do you find the value of the avocado you bought. Is it that wonderful creamy color that lets you know it’s your lucky day? Or has the tough skin of the avocado hidden bruises or other internal damage, making it either visually unappealing, or in the worst case, inedible?

Our normal grocery store routine consisted of our regular store where we bought the majority of our foodstuffs, etc. Our second grocery store is a large, awesome health food store. By large, I mean it’s about 50,000 sq. feet. We, like most people, limit our shopping at the health food store because the prices are higher [for the same product]

During our normal grocery shopping we decided to purchase a couple of avocados, figuring they’d last us for a week. Now this is a wonderful grocery store, one that we have used for about 45 years. Love to go there, all employees treat us well, always well stocked and clean. With their avocados, it was always hit or miss. We’d cut one open and “damn”, it’s a bad one. Then cut open the second one and “yeah!” we got a winner. Ever hopeful, this avocado purchasing endeavor went on for a couple of months, finally realizing that the cost/benefit was not in our favor. We were throwing away more than 50% of the avocados we’d purchased at our regular grocery store. Yes, we were paying less, but were we really?

Finally, we decided to bite the bullet & purchase the avocados from the health food store. We had to catch our breath when we checked out the pricing, but then thinking about it, we were only comparing that pricing against a product that wasn’t working for us. So, we made the big leap and purchased two and brought them home. Once ripened, we cut the first one open and it was like a hallelujah moment, perfect inside. A few days later the second avocado was cut open, with the same pleasant surprise. Week after week we got the same pleasant result. After a more than a year purchasing avocados from the health food store, we are batting nearly 100%. Even though we are paying almost double, we are getting a great product on a consistent basis.

So, we relearned something that we knew and have known for years (but needed to relearn again), DON’T BUY ON PRICE ALONE! 

You may be asking yourself, “what do avocados & diesel diagnostic laptops have to do with one another?” Just like an avocado, it is very difficult to examine the “guts” of a laptop computer. Needless to say, a computer which you pay very little or nothing for, most likely has the same value, meaning it’s worth little or nothing. Don’t be fooled by gimmicky promotions or the promise of a free computer. If it’s free but doesn’t work properly, what is the value of it to you? If it’s free, where did they cut corners?

In order to supply you with a cheap computer, corners must be cut. Watch out for these common problems:

  • Old, outdated computer. Laptop are increasing in their processing power because the software is becoming more demanding. An old computer is just that, an old computer. An old computer cannot match the needs of the new software.
  • Older computers cannot match the needs of the newer software.

Other corner cutting areas are:

  • Using older processors such as Celeron or Pentium when they should be using Intel i5 or higher processors.
  • Using 2 GB or 4 GB RAM, which is insufficient for present day software. Most medium & HD truck diagnostic software calls for 8 GB RAM, or even higher. Insufficient RAM leads to long opening times (5-6 minutes for the Cummins Insite) & poor computer performance.
  • Using insufficient hard drive size, such as 128 GB HD. It’s generally recommended to use 256 GB HD or higher.
  • Using Windows 10 Home version to save money rather than using Windows 10 Professional, as required by the software manufacturers. The Windows Home version costs less money but just doesn’t have the power to properly run diesel truck diagnostic programs.
  • Some suppliers of refurbished computers purchase them from a variety of sources, some not so reputable. They then strip them for parts but don’t track which parts match. As an example, the computer rebuilder may be building a unit with 8 GB RAM. To do it properly the RAM chips should be a matched set. If not, the performance will be negatively affected.
  • Using old, beat-up computers. Computers (Panasonic) that have seen rough service (war zones) are sold at a discount. Some vendors try to cover up the cosmetic flaws in a variety of methods, but it’s still a cover up.

The bottom line is that they are still putting lipstick on a pig. There are semi-rugged & fully-rugged computer packages being supplied by diesel diagnostic software suppliers that are in beautiful condition. Some even carry a “same as new” warranty. Spend the extra money get satisfaction.

It’s better to “bite the bullet” and pay extra for a good computer than to suffer daily while using (or not using) a cheap computer that doesn’t do the job properly.