Cummins Insite Lite with Dell Laptop


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All of our computers meet or exceed manufacturer’s required processing speeds. Don’t settle for a computer that can’t get the job done.

Our Cummins Diagnostic Kit comes stock with the ultra-fast, ultra-durable Dell 6440 semi-rugged computer, Drewlinq Interface, and Cummins Insite Lite Software.

Software and drivers are installed, configured, and ready to go when it arrives at your location.

These units will not ship immediately. It generally takes 48 hours to get a computer ready to ship.

Cummins INSITE Lite:

INSITE Lite performs engine diagnostics and displays electronic engine information on your PC. With step-by-step diagnostics, built-in engine drawings and schematic diagrams, working with INSITE is easy. Using this software application will reduce troubleshooting time, errors and incorrect procedures and quickly get your vehicle back on the road again.


• Quick access to trip information
• Adjust parameters
• Review/clear fault information

Easy-to-follow troubleshooting assistance
• Wiring and sensor location diagrams
• Store engine and trip information for future use, or as programming templates

12 month subscription

Note: We will remotely install & activate your software at no extra charge.

Dell Latitude E6440 Semi-Rugged Laptop

  • Refurbished Dell Latitude E6440 w/ Intel Core i3
  • 2.26 GHz  Processor
  • 4 GB RAM (upgradable to 8 GB or 16 GB)
  • 160 GB HD (upgradable to 320 GB or 500 GB)
  • 32 bit Win 7
  • 13.1 XGA Daylight Touchscreen Screen
  • 90 day warranty