Navistar Diamond Logic Builder Software Level 2


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Diamond Logic Builder

Navistar Diamond Logic Builder Software Level 2 (w/ user guide)

Navistar Factory Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 software.  Dealer level software.  Requires Navistar on-line testing prior to release of software level 2 activation code (we will provide you with a training guide to help speed up your training / testing).  Allows certified technician to perform all the jobs allowed by DLB level 1, plus perform DLB level 2 advanced programming on modules, dashboard, etc.  The Diamond Logic Builder level 2 allows a technician to add or remove devices & or adjust existing device operational parameters.  No longer will you need to take your trucks into the dealer & wait days or weeks for them to perform the jobs that you could do in your shop.  Save time, helps increase your shop profits.

This software requires on-line testing in order to receive a DLB level 2 certification.  So, along with the DLB software we also include a training / testing guide.  This helps reduce your time needed to to to pass the DLB level 2 testing.

Allows certified technician to add, remove, edit, control:

  • Body Controller/Electrical System Controller
  • Remote Power Module(s)
  • Remote Air Solenoid Module(s)
  • Electronic Gauge Cluster
  • Rocker Switch Packs
  • Air Conditioning / Heating Controls
  • Engine Controls
  • Transmission Controls
  • Anti-Lock Brake Module
  • AWARE SM Vehicle Intelligence Module
What is Navistar Diamond Logic Builder?

The International® Diamond LogicBuilder software provides the ability to program, diagnose and simulate  features in the Electrical System Controller (ESC) module on the Industry’s First High Performance Trucks®.

The Diamond LogicBuilder program allows users to configure switches, the gauge cluster, and the parameters that are programmed in the ESC. The Advanced Logic capability in DLB is covered in a separate manual. Advanced Logic provides the ability to write custom features beyond what is offered by the advertised feature codes. It is not usually offered at the Dealer Level and is primarily intended to be used by Body Builders. Dealers do have the ability to view Advanced Logic when it has been installed on a vehicle.


  • Vehicle Programming
  • Read & Clear Fault Codes
  • Program Parameters
  • View Parameters & Features
  • Automatic Module Detection
  • View Wire Diagrams
  • View Cluster Configuration
  • View Switch Location
  • Bi-Directional Control
  • Record Snapshots
  • Graph Parameters

Before you can get Diamond Logic Builder Level 2, Navistar requires that you complete an online course and pass a test. We’ve helped hundreds of our customers through this process and we’re ready to help you too. With the purchase of the Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 we provide, at no extra cost, comprehensive study guides and practice tests. With this information, you should be able to breeze through the test and get that taken care of in your first try.


We provide the following:
  • DLB Software
  • DLB Level 2 User Guide
  • DLB Training Guide (Helps reduce training/testing time, speeds up your certification


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