Navistar Diamond Logic Builder Software Level 2


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Navistar Diamond Logic Builder Software Level 2 (w/ user guide)

Navistar Factory Diamond Logic Builder Level 2 software.  Dealer level software.  Requires Navistar on-line testing prior to release of software level 2 activation code (we will provide you with a training guide to help speed up your training / testing).  Allows certified technician to perform all the jobs allowed by DLB level 1, plus perform DLB level 2 advanced programming on modules, dashboard, etc.  The Diamond Logic Builder level 2 allows a technician add or remove devices & or adjust existing device operational parameters.  No longer will you need to take your trucks into the dealer & wait days or weeks for them to perform the jobs that you could do in your shop.  Save time, helps increase your shop profits.

This software requires on-line testing in order to receive a DLB level 2 certification.  So, along with the DLB software we also include a training / testing guide.  This helps reduce your time needed to to to pass the DLB level 2 testing.

Allows certified technician to add, remove, edit, control:

  • Body Controller/Electrical System Controller
  • Remote Power Module(s)
  • Remote Air Solenoid Module(s)
  • Electronic Gauge Cluster
  • Rocker Switch Packs
  • Air Conditioning / Heating Controls
  • Engine Controls
  • Transmission Controls
  • Anti-Lock Brake Module
  • AWARE SM Vehicle Intelligence Module
  • Vehicle Programming
  • Read & Clear Fault Codes
  • Program Parameters
  • View Parameters & Features
  • Automatic Module Detection
  • View Wire Diagrams
  • View Cluster Configuration
  • View Switch Location
  • Bi-Directional Control
  • Record Snapshots
  • Graph Parameters
We provide the following:
  • DLB Software
  • DLB Level 2 User Guide
  • DLB Training Guide (Helps reduce training/testing time, speeds up your certification)



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