What is Freightliner ServiceLink?

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The Freightliner ServiceLink software communicates directly with the Freightliner proprietary control modules on vehicles. When you specify a vehicle, we use the software to program its SmartPlex Electrical System. If you want to add additional functionality to SmartPlex, ServiceLink allows you to download new programming to the truck at your facility. You now have the flexibility to add whatever combination of features a customer needs at any time. And Freightliner does all the programming for you. We have a full suite of features from our SmartPlex Parameter Database for you to choose from as well as the ability to create custom parameters for your unique needs. If you ever need to modify or expand the system for a vehicle, Freightliner will make new parameters conveniently available for you to download from our network.

Partial list of capabilities:


1. Automatic Headlights when Wipers Engaged

  • Feature: Engages headlights when driver turns on the windshield wipers.
  • Benefit: Increases driver visibility and makes the truck more visible to oncoming traffic

2. Radio Off in Reverse

  • Feature: Cuts power to radio when truck is in reverse or PTO engaged
  • Benefit: Removes a driver distraction while backing up and lowers noise level so driver may hear horn warnings from other vehicles

3. Park Brake Not Set Warning System

  • Feature: Horn warning when driver door opened with park brake not set
  • Benefit: Helps avoid damage due to vehicle not having park brake set


4. Exterior Regen Notification

  • Feature: Combination horn and hazard lamp exterior warning for Stage 1 and 2 regen notifications
  • Benefits: Notifies driver of manual regen required and avoids potential plugging of Diesel Particulate Filter

5. Automatic Slowest Wiper Speed with Park Brake

  • Feature: Reduces wiper speed to slowest intermittent speed setting when park brake is set regardless of wiper switch position
  • Benefits: Reduces wear and tear on wiper motor and decreases frequency of wiper blade replacement


6. Pre-Trip Light Inspection

  • Feature: Automated light inspection feature actuated by dash mounted smart switch, including back up lamps
  • Benefit: Allows operator to complete a walk around light check without additional person to assist

7. Alternating Flashing Headlights (Wig Wag)

  • Feature: NFPA compliant headlight warning system for emergency vehicles with dash switch actuation or customer-supplied ground input
  • Benefits: No 3rd party switches needed for the dash, eases body electrical system integration and provides OEM finish

The SmartPlex Electrical System expansion and new Hub Module enable truck upfitters unsurpassed flexibility. For starters, Freightliner has pre-engineered standard interfaces for engine wiring, transmission wiring and body lighting. Vehicle Interface Wiring Connectors provide an easy “plug and play” point for upfitters to connect such things as brake lights, turn signals and tail lights. These connectors eliminate the need for splicing and provide an easy access point for wiring. Plus, the body lighting connectors are available in both high and low current options to meet the needs of all upfitters.