Agricultural Vehicle Diagnostics

Owners of farms, ranches or anything in between will find this Jaltest Agricultural Diagnostic Equipment critical to the profitable operation of their facilities.  It is the premier software on the market.  It is able to perform diagnosis on multiple brands of agricultural equipment.  It has most comprehensive coverage and functionality for Off-Highway Equipment in North America.  Using Jaltest reduces downtime, repair and maintenance related expenses on electronically controlled agricultural equipment, especially the latest generation of engines due to their increased complexity.  The development on these latest vehicles makes the use of the most advanced technology critically necessary.  And Jaltest provides that technology.

Assists technicians with:

  • Connector Information: Jaltest informs you about which connector to use and its location on the vehicle.  Location of buses by bodybuilder.
  • Diagnosis: Recording and description of each fault codes are registered on the control units. Automatic detection of the complete fault code list in regards to the systems integrated on the vehicle.
  • Component Actuation: As allowed by the manufacturer, it allows for the interacting and commanding of various systems using Jaltest, such as
    • Fan activation
    • Cylinders cutout
    • Compression test
    • Operational checking of the different mechanisms
    • Etc.
  • Values Measuring: Measuring and Displaying of up to 8 values at the same time.  Shows range reference values.
  • Parameters: Configuration of the various parameters.
  • System data:  System configuration and ECU data information.
  • Fault Code Clearing:  Allows for the clearing of repaired fault codes on the control unit and turning off of fault code lights.


Rugged and reliable hardware which supports the different communication protocols such as:

  • OBD
  • J1939
  • J1708
  • EURO V



The Jaltest diagnosis tool is ideally suited for tractor & other agricultural equipment diagnostics.  It performs multi-brand diagnosis with a single unit, which makes it more convenient and easy-to-use.  Why buy many diagnostic tools when one will do?

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