Bendix ACom Pro
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Bendix ACom Pro Released

As commercial vehicles and safety technologies continue to advance, the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair issues grows increasingly important for keeping trucks

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Cummins Releases INSITE 8.6

This pas week Cummins has announced that INSITE version 8.6 has officially been released. The new update adds the ability to perform more diagnostic tests,

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Bendix ACom Pro – What Does it Do?

Our team at Diesel Diagnostic Equipment brings you the latest look at Bendix’s new tool: Bendix ACom Pro. It was recently announced that the Bendix popular ACom

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Isuzu IDSS Buyer’s Guide

There are several options available when purchasing the Isuzu IDSS. We are offering a primer to help you make the best purchasing decision for your

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What is Freightliner ServiceLink?

The Freightliner ServiceLink software communicates directly with the Freightliner proprietary control modules on vehicles. When you specify a vehicle, we use the software to program

counterfeit software
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Counterfeit vs. Real OEM Software

Here’s a great article from the folks over at Vehicle Service Pros Counterfeit scan tools are flooding the market at an alarming rate. The United