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Diamond Logic Builder — Which Level is Right for You?

The Diamond Logic Builder software is an advanced tool that allows users to take full advantage of the multiplexed architecture and electronic integration capabilities of the Navistar trucks.

The Diamond Logic builder software in the upper level allows both simple and complex customization — from relocating switches to load management and sequencing capabilities. The result is a higher level of performance and functionality from International® trucks.

Here is our quick and easy to understand breakdown of the different Diamond Logic Builder levels, and their performance capabilities:

Level 1 — Diagnostics only (No training required to purchase this version)

Level 2 — Diagnostics and Parameter Changes (Basic Programming) Dealer level software. This requires free web training & successful testing)

Note: As an approved Navistar software vendor, we provide study aids to reduce the amount of time required to prepare for testing.

Level 3 — Diagnostics, Parameter Programming, and Advanced Logic (Advanced programming (Requires Navistar classroom training & testing) TEMS / Body Upfitters only

Level 1 Capabilities:

  • Read and Clear Diagnostic Fault Codes
  • View Vehicle Parameters and Features
  • Bi-Directional Control of Electrical Components
  • View Switch Location and Cluster Configuration
  • Automatic Module Detection
  • Graph Parameters
  • Record Snapshots

Level 2 Capabilities:

  • All Level 1 Coverage


  • Reprogram Modules
  • Change Parameters

Note: To use this program a technician must engage in the DLB online study course & pass the testing.

Note: As an approved Navistar software vendor, we provide study aids to reduce the amount of time required to prepare for testing.

Level 3 Capabilities:

  • Level 1 Coverage
  • Level 2 Coverage

This software level is designed for TEMs (body upfitting shops).

Navistar will write a custom program for the body & accessories that are being installed, then send it to you.

Note: Requires Navistar classroom training & testing. Requires Navistar approval. Designed for TEMs / Body Upfitters only.

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