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PACCAR Davie 4 Engine Diagnostic Software (New License)

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PACCAR Davie 4 Engine Diagnostic Software

Windows 10 Professional or Windows 11 Professional is required.

For use with Paccar MX engines (North America)

Factory PACCAR Davie 4 MX engine diagnostic software.  Covers Paccar MX engines through the present model year.  Paccar technical support included at no extra charge. This is 100% genuine factory software. This is the same software used by PACCAR dealers and repair shops across the country.

PACCAR Davie 4 Capabilities:

  • Quick Check
  • Monitor
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Reset Soot Level
  • Reset particulate trap codes
  • Reset particulate trap codes after replacement
  • Rest turbo actuator
  • Run Testing
  • Repair Support
  • Maintenance
  • Install replacement injector codes
  • Program (Paccar approval may be required)
  • Reset turbo actuator calibration
  • Record / Report
  • Training Simulation
  • Road Speed Change
  • Print Screen
  • Enable Park Brake Reset
  • Enable Air Temp Idle Timer Override
  • Idle Time in PTO Mode
  • Enable Clutch Pedal Position Timer Reset Condition
  • Time Remaining to Shut Down After EIST Warning
  • Enable Accelerator Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Foot Brake Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Clutch Pedal (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable EIST in PTO mode
  • Shut down time after EIST warning
  • Enable accelerator position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable foot brake (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable clutch pedal (as timer reset condition)

Note: Some tasks require the technician to log onto the Paccar eportal.

Note: Additional ECM reset/adjustment limitations may be set the manufacturer.

Paccar Davie 4 Screenshots

PACCAR Davie 4

PACCAR Davie 4

PACCAR Davie 4

PACCAR Davie 4

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