Deutz Serdia Software and Interface (Level 1)

Deutz factory diagnostic software

This is the Deutz Serdia software and hardware package for Deutz electronically controlled engines. This is the complete factory software & hardware package (laptop computer is not included).  It is the same equipment that is used by factory technicians. Annual subscription includes free software technical support.

This Package Includes:

  • Software
  • Interface
  • Connector
  • Cables
  • User Guide
  • Fault Code Manual

Deutz Serdia Dealer Level 1 Software is available to end users & independent service facilities.  It allows their technicians to perform the following:

  • View engine operation parameters
  • View after treatment system (no regeneration)
  • View fuel system
  • View & clear fault codes

Note: Cannot reset EEPROM or PRV counter


After careful consideration, we’ve determined that the Jaltest Off-Highway software is currently the best tool for performing diagnostics on Deutz engines. Due to the fact that you get more coverage, are able to do more tests, and that it DOES NOT require in-person classroom training or specialized tools to purchase.

If you are planning on purchasing Deutz Serdia or performing any kind of Deutz diagnostics in the near future we STRONGLY recommend you look into the Jaltest Off-Highway software instead.

Click here to view our Jaltest Off-Highway Software page


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