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How to Clear DTC Information in Allison DOC

allison doc

The following guide contains instructions on how to clear DTC information in Allison DOC:

After successfully connecting up to the Allison transmission you will find yourself in the “DTC and General Information” screen.  From this screen you can click the “Clear DTC Information” button. A new window will appear that says “Clear DTC Information Request Completed Successfully”. Congratulations, you were able to Clear DTC Information in Allison DOC. 

All of your trouble codes are now cleared from the DTC and General Information window. Performing this procedure also clears Shift Inhibits. Be warned, if the underlying cause of a trouble code is not fixed the code will just come right back.

If you get a message saying “Request Denied. Output speed not less than maximum allowable value” or “Neutral not attained” you are either not fully stopped -or- not in neutral. You need to be fully stopped and in neutral for the procedure to succeed.

Something not adding up? If you followed the steps above and got different results it’s probably best to contact Allison’s support line.


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