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Isuzu Adds Two Gas-Powered Medium-Duty Trucks to Lineup

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. will add a pair of gasoline-powered Class 5 trucks to its Class 5 lineup in 2020.

Isuzu provides its N-Series-based 3500, 3500HD, 4500, 4500HD, 5500 and 5500HD that GM sells as Chevrolets.

The N-Series dominates industry sales of Class 4 medium-duty trucks, accounting for 61 percent of the 20,500 units sold in 2018, according to Ward’s Intelligence.

At the 2019 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Isuzu announced refinements to its returning lineup of diesel- and gas-powered trucks, including new driver-assistance and audio options for all models.


In addition to the Class 5 gasoline trucks, Isuzu announced that beginning in May, all Isuzu N-Series and F-Series trucks will offer an optional suite of Intel Co.’s Mobileye advanced driver-assistance features including forward collision, pedestrian, lane-departure and headway-monitoring warning for $1,132.

  • Forward-collision warning alerts drivers of an imminent rear-end collision up to 2.7 seconds in advance.
  • Pedestrian-collision warning operates at under 31 mph during daylight hours to warn the driver of a pedestrian or cyclist too close to the truck.
  • Lane-departure warning activates over 34 mph to alert drivers with visual and audible warnings when the truck drifts out of its lane without signaling.
  • Headway monitoring helps a driver keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. Visual and audible alerts activate if the distance from the vehicle ahead is less than 2.5 seconds.

Also starting in May 2019, all Isuzu N-Series and F-Series trucks will offer new audio and backup camera options.

The Mitsubishi Fuso unit of Daimler Trucks also revealed a Class 5 gas-powered model at the Work Truck Show.

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