Bendix Data Link Monitoring Unit

Bendix Data Link Monitoring Unit


The Bendix Data Link Monitoring Unit is a diagnostic tool providing the technician with a visual indication of various components that are active on these communication links:

  • J1708 (6 pin)
  • J1939 (9 pin)

Coverage includes:

  • Engine Controller J1708 & J1939
  • Transmission Controller J1708 & J1939
  • Brake Controller J1708 & J1939
  • IP Cluster J1708
  • Cluster J1939
  • Body Controller J1939

A technician would be wise to carry this compact diagnostic tool with them at all times.  This unit is compact in size, (approximately the size of a pre-1990 automotive flasher unit) but will quickly retrieve fault codes on all J1708* & J1939 modules.  Allows technicians to save time in two ways:

1. Quickly retrieves fault codes.  Technician may not need to connect laptop for some diagnostics.  Saves time.

2.  Technicians can test for control module communication to the the 6 pin* or 9 pin dash plug.  A great way to ensure that any lack of communication is not the fault of your laptop, cables or software.  Helps save time.

* 6 pin requires the TM801872 adapter cable



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