Isuzu IDSS Factory Diagnostic Package

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The IDSS 2 Software Package offers dealer-level access for all ISUZU commercial trucks from 1996 to present. The IDSS 2 covers everything including wire diagrams, service manuals, injector reprogramming, ECM updating and reprogramming, fault code diagnostics, DPF regeneration, and more.

  1. VCI Module (Interface)
  2. USB Cable
  3. OBD2 Cable
  4. Software Disk & Authorization Code
  5. Installation Guide
  6. 6 Months of Free Updates

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Latest version of the Isuzu IDSS diagnostic software. Model Year Coverage: 1996 thru present model year

  • VCI Module
  • USB Cable
  • OBD2 Cable
  • Software Disk & Authorization Code
  • Installation Guide
  • 6 Months of Free Updates
Model Coverage:
  • NPR (gas & diesel)
  • NQR /NRR
  • FRR
  • FSR / FTR / FVR
  • 4HE-1
  • 4HK-1 Duramax engine
  • 4JJ-1
  • 6HK-1 Duramax engine

Where applicable, covers GM and Chevrolet equivalent trucks.

Diagnostic Coverage:
  • ECM (engine control module)
  • TCM (transmission control module)
  • ABS (anti-lock brake system)
  • BCM (body control module)
Software capability:
  • Reset injector codes into the ECM when injectors are replaced
  • Reprogram ECM units (all ECM files are in your computer)
  • Adjust idle speed (6HK engine only)
  • Control emergency engine shutdown due to:
    • Engine temperature
    • Oil pressure
    • Oil level
    • Coolant level
    • Engine overspeed
    • High exhaust temperature
    • Overspeed
    • High EGR temperature
  • PTO set-up control **
  • Adjust vehicle limit
  • Exhaust brake mode adjust to:
    • Manual
    • Coast
    • Latch position
    • Cruise control options
      • Lock-out (driver cannot engage)
      • Minimum speed
      • Maximum speed
      • Relaxed cruise control (allows speed to vary by 5 mph to minimize transmission wear)
    • Engage/disengage engine oil change lamp
    • PTO set-up control **
      • Stationary operation
      • Mobile operation
      • Remote PTO operation including speed adjustment
      • Allow DPF regeneration while using PTO
  • View fault codes & assist links to wire diagrams & fault code solving procedures
  • View Service Manuals
  • View Wire Diagrams
  • View Technical Service Bulletins
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
  • Allows for 24/7 download of latest Isuzu Truck updates on ECM updates, latest TSBs, file changes and more (with active subscription)

**2005 & newer Isuzu truck wire harnesses are built with PTO installation in mind.  All necessary plugs are located throughout the vehicle and are pre-connected to the ECM.  This facilitates the installation & use of a PTO.  The IDSS allows the technician to make PTO settings through the ECM.  This allows for a clean, professional installation.


O/S: WIN 10 & WIN 7 (only)


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