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Paccar Y Adapter


The Paccar Y adapter cable may be required to perform diagnostics on trucks between 2016-2019 in Davie 4.

If you are having trouble connecting to engines between 2016-2019 the Paccar Y Adapter is going to be needed.

When not using this cable, many technicians experience problems connecting in Davie 4. The most common issue, is after clicking “Identify Vehicle” Davie 4 will find the truck and display the VIN but all of the diagnostic tests and options will be greyed out.

This is due to the way the newer Paccars are wired. On models from 2016 to the first half of 2019, the diagnostic testing information is routed through different pins in the connector. When using your standard set up on engines from 2016-2019 that information is not by default accessible in Davie 4. That is why the Paccar Y adapter cable is required.

Refer to the chart and notes below for an additional description:

  • The picture below shows the current Type 1 connector (black) on the right-hand side and the new Type 2 connector (green) on the left-hand side.
  • The Type 2 connector will replace the Type 1 connector in most of our applications for the U.S. and Canadian market.
  • Export trucks and Natural Gas trucks will still be shipped with Type 1 connector, because they are not subject to the same CARB regulations.
  • On the new connector, the OBD CAN channel will be separated from the 250k BAUD vehicle CAN (see chart below)

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