Changing Road Speed with Paccar Davie 4 Fleet Software

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Changing Road Speed With Paccar Davie 4 Fleet Software


When your local dealer set you up with the Davie 4 Fleet license, they would have provided a username and password.  These are extremely important as they are required for doing road speed changes.  Make sure you have this information written down or saved somewhere for easy access.

To get started Paccar requires that you visit:

Once there, enter your username and password and login.

Now that you’re all logged in to their system you’ll want to click on the “Service” tab in the middle of the top bar on your screen then find the “Software” tab in the left-hand column. Last but not least, click on “Paccar Vehicle Pro” or “PVP”.

Once you are in the Paccar Vehicle Pro section you will need to enter the last 8 digits of your vehicle’s VIN in the search box and click “Go”. After you do that it will bring up all of the parameters for your engine. Now you can now view and edit all of the engine’s settings. In order to change your engine road speeds, see:

  • N006 for Max cruise speed
  • N162 For Max road speed

Make your selected changes in the boxes and click “Save” and continue. Once your changes have been verified, then click “Submit”.  PVP will show a popup showing that changes were successful and that files are ready for download with Davie 4.

Connect Davie 4 to the truck and identify. Once the Quick check is finished. Go to the “Software” tab. Highlight the “PCI” and “EAS” tabs within Software and click “Retrieve” in the bottom right. Once the files are downloaded, they will show an expiration date. When ready highlight “PCI” and click update. From there follow the prompts through the key cycle and update both the PCI and EAS. Once the flash is completed the changes are installed in the ECM.

You will not be able to see the parameters or view the changes from within Davie. You must have good internet connection to the laptop while downloading the files. Interruptions in internet connections will cause bad downloads and a failed flash.

Another option is that you can enter the chassis number into Davie 4 while it is not connected to the truck. Go to “software” and download the file. Then take the laptop to the truck, connect and install in the same manner. This can be useful in areas with limited Wi-Fi access.

2019 and 2020 model years will also have to have the VECU software download installed to change vehicle speeds. You will see this as a Controller and know when you need it. In this case the VECU and PCI will need flashed to install the changes.

Note: If you have the standard version (Non-fleet version) of Davie 4, you will need to coordinate with your local Paccar dealer to make these changes.