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Connecting to the Transmission Controller in Allison DOC

Connecting To The Transmission Controller In Allison DOC

Connecting to the transmission control in Allison DOC is a simple and straightforward process. It can be done by following these steps:

From the horizontal toolbar across the top of the screen, click the “F4 – Connect” option or simply press the F4 key on your keyboard. This brings up Allison DOC‘s connect window.

From the connect window, click the SmartConnect checkbox. This works for roughly 90% of the connections users will be making inside of Allison DOC. If you run into issues and are unable to connect you can try unchecking the SmartConnect checkbox, or refer to your specific interface’s handbook.

If everything worked, you will see the DTC and General Information window and be able to start working on that transmission. Failure to connect will require further troubleshooting in the connection options menu.

Note: If you already have an idea what may be wrong and need to zero in on a specific problem you can do that in the connection options menu by selecting the individual system.


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