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How to Generate a Jaltest Expert Mode Code

Don’t know what a Jaltest expert mode code is? or need help resetting your expert mode code? Today’s your lucky day.

What is a Jaltest Expert Mode Code?

With Jaltest, whenever you make a change that could damage or destroy the vehicle you are required to enter your expert mode code. This is to prevent someone from accidentally causing damage. Expert mode codes are important and should be written down/saved somewhere convenient.

You can also check a box in the settings so that it always remembers your expert mode code. This is recommended if you are the only person who uses the software.

What If You Forget It?

If you forget or lose your expert mode code you will need to reset it. See below for detailed instructions:

Step #1: Go to the Jaltest website and click “My Account” in the right corner

In the top right corner of the Jaltest homepage you’ll see the “My Account” button. Go ahead and click that to be taken to the Jaltest Client Login. This is where we will get your expert mode code.

Jaltest Expert

Step #2: Login

Jaltest Expert

Step #3: Scroll down and click the Expert Mode box

Jaltest Expert

Step #4: Fill in the form, scroll down, and click “Generate Expert Mode”

Jaltest Expert

Within a few seconds you will receive a text message and an email with your expert mode code. Make sure you write it down somewhere or save it in a notepad on the laptop.

Additionally, get your Jaltest opened up look for the “Activate Expert Mode” option in the settings. After you enter your expert mode code you can check a box at the bottom so it never asks you for the code again.

The entire process described above can also be used when you forget your expert mode code. The expert mode codes do not change very often. If you find that yours is forgotten, you can simply go through that process and get it resent to your phone as a text or to your email.

Hope this helps!

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