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Easy Fix for Paccar Davie 4 Login Error

Login errors are a common problem that some Davie 4 users will run into. Especially if you don’t use Davie 4 for an extended period of time (several weeks to several months). It typically needs a little help to get back up and running so we’re going to show you exactly what to do.

Try Logging Into Eportal

First we need to determine if it is a password problem or a digital certificate problem.

Close out of Davie 4 and open your internet browser. Go to https://eportal.paccar.net

Once you’re there, enter the username and password you’ve been trying and see if it lets you log in.

  • If you are able to login to Eportal = it’s a digital certificate problem
  • If you are prompted to change your password on Eportal = your password was expired
  • If you get an incorrect login info error on Eportal = it’s a password/account/license problem

Both problems are easy to fix, first we’ll start with the digital certificate problem.

Renewing/Resetting Digital Certificate

Paccar uses a digital certificate system to help manage software licenses and software access. If you use the program often and download the latest updates as they are released you’ll usually never run into a problem here. People who use Davie 4 rarely (once every several weeks) are far more likely to experience this.

NOTE: The digital certificate is NOT your license. You can have an active license and an expired digital certificate.

To fix this, go the bottom right corner of your screen and look for a little arrow pointing up (between the weather and clock).

Click that and look for a white square icon with a blue line and a red dot on it (pictured below). That is Paccar Keymaster.

To fix this all you need to do is click on that icon and then re-enter your login information in the box that pops up. This forces the program to generate a new digital certificate for you. 9 times out of 10 this will solve your login issue.

Now that you have generated a new digital certificate, your Davie 4 login credentials should work and you should be able to open and use your Davie 4. The process I described above will also fix almost all of the “no connection to back office” error messages that some users get.

Resetting Your Password

Another possibility is your password expired. Paccar passwords expire every few months and will require a reset to regain access to the account. Sometimes you will be prompted on eportal to create a new one after logging in. Sometimes you have to do it manually by answering security questions.

Still Not Working?

If you’re still having problems call Paccar’s dedicated support number: 800-524-2405

Your license may be expired or there may be a problem with your account.

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