Why is Isuzu IDSS So Popular Among Technicians?

Maintaining and servicing diesel trucks in 2018 relies heavily on diagnostic software and equipment. That’s why with every passing year it becomes more and more important that manufacturers and developers produce high quality diesel diagnostic software.

In this respect, Isuzu is leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. Isuzu’s primary software offering, Isuzu IDSS, is regarded as one of the best diagnostic programs in the industry. Diesel technicians who use IDSS on a daily basis love the simplicity and ease of use. For being so easy to use, Isuzu IDSS is able to do a lot of things that other programs cannot.

It allows any shop or fleet to perform the same tests, diagnostics, adjustments, updates, resets, etc as the factory. Isuzu IDSS offers diagnostic coverage for:

  • ECM (engine control module)
  • TCM (transmission control module)
  • ABS (anti-lock brake system)
  • BCM (body control module)

Full Software capability:

  • View fault codes & fault code troubleshooting procedures
  • View Service Manuals
  • View Wire Diagrams
  • View Technical Service Bulletins
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
  • Location Chart of Fuse Panel, Relays, Connections, etc.
  • Reset injector codes into the ECM when injectors are replaced
  • Reprogram ECM units (all ECM files are installed onto your computer)
  • Adjust idle speed (6HK engine only)
  • Control emergency engine shutdown due to:
  • Engine temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Engine overspeed
  • High exhaust temperature
  • Overspeed
  • High EGR temperature
  • PTO set-up control **
  • Adjust vehicle speed limit
  • Exhaust brake mode adjust to:
  • Manual
  • Coast
  • Latch position
  • Cruise control options
  • Lock-out (driver cannot engage)
  • Minimum speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Relaxed cruise control (allows speed to vary by 5 mph to minimize transmission wear)
  • Engage/disengage engine oil change lamp
  • PTO set-up control **
  • Stationary operation
  • Mobile operation
  • Remote PTO operation including speed adjustment
  • Allow DPF regeneration while using PTO
  • Allows for 24/7 download of latest Isuzu Truck updates on ECM updates, latest TSBs, file changes and more (with active subscription)

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