Meet the Autel MaxiSys CV

The Best Remote Diagnostic Tool Available! Service trucks often need diagnostic capabilities. Identifying diagnostic issues, performing basic repairs, and having the ability to initiate a

A New Reason to Ditch Windows 7

Support for the Windows 7 operating system officially ended on January 14, 2020. What does that mean? and more importantly, how does that affect YOU?

Isuzu IDSS Parameters

The following list is intended to offer a glimpse into the functions available for vehicles equipped with the Isuzu 4H and 6H diesel engines. Having

DG Interface

Update for DG Interface Users

There is an important new update for DG interface users. DG Technologies has released version 2.10.12 software for the VSI-2534 automotive diagnostic and reprogramming tool. 

An Introduction to Deutz Serdia

Deutz Serdia requires the use of the DECOM interface. The Deutz DECOM interface that is used with SERDIA is serialized and assigned to each specific