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Deutz Serdia vs. Jaltest – Which is Better?

If you, your company, or your shop are looking to perform diagnostics on Deutz engines you’re going to want to pay very close attention to this article.

Out of all the different diagnostic software we provide for our customers, Deutz Serdia is one of the more puzzling ones. The way they set up the licensing and availability has the tendency to confuse folks, and  the way they structure access to important features scares many away.

Here is a breakdown of the different levels, their costs, and the access and features they provide.

Deutz Serdia – Dealer Level 1

Deutz Serdia Level 1 Software is available to end users & independent service facilities.  It allows their technicians to perform the following:

  • View engine operation parameters
  • View after treatment system (no regeneration)
  • View fuel system
  • View & clear fault codes

NOTE: Cannot reset EEPROM or PRV counter.

Your Deutz Serdia Level 1 renewal cost is $595

The Deutz Dealer Level 1 is basically a code reader.  All end users or independent repair shops are by default, considered a level 1 shop.  A Level 1 user cannot do any Deutz testing or make any parameter changes.

This is where many folks get confused. Normally they want to be able to do testing, change parameters, and do “regens” and don’t realize that Deutz requires Dealer Level 2 for that level of access.

Deutz Serdia – Dealer Level 2

Access to Deutz Serdia Level 2 adds more features and capabilities, essentially unlocking some of the more important pieces needed to effectively work on your Deutz engine.

Deutz Serdia Dealer Level 2 access includes the following:

  • All features and information included in Level 1
  • Exhaust after treatment testing & regeneration
  • Fuel system testing, injector tests & IQA codes
  • Compression testing
  • Reset EEPROM or PRV counter
  • Throttle pedal calibration
  • Sample cases of diagnostic testing, injections system testing & after treatment testing
  • Access to web services to download and program data sets.

Unlike other popular diagnostic software, getting your hands on Serdia Level 2 isn’t as simple as paying more. In order to become a Level 2 Dealer, these requirements must be met:

  • Purchase Deutz approved tools
  • Completion of 1 full day of in-person classroom training.
  • Pay a one-time payment of $7,600 (Includes special tools, interface, classroom training, and license)

When going from Level 1 to Level 2, the yearly renewal cost increases greatly.  The Level 2 renewal cost is $2,100.

If the Deutz Dealer Level 1 and Level 2 doesn’t sound very appealing, don’t worry. There is another option for performing tests and diagnostics on Deutz engines, and this one doesn’t cost an arm and a leg or require classroom training.

Jaltest Off-Highway Software

jaltest off highway

Jaltest is a multi-brand aftermarket software that has more features and more power than Deutz Serdia software. Unlike Serdia, the Jaltest software is more complete and easier to use.

With the Jaltest Off-Highway software you have the ability to diagnose and test Deutz engines as well as all of the following brands:

The scope and scale of Jaltest’s coverage is great for technicians who work on a wide range of equipment. Instead of paying big bucks on a software setup that only works on Deutz engines, you can instead get a software setup with more flexibility and coverage for more manufacturers.

Jaltest gives you more access to features than the Deutz Dealer Level 1 and Deutz Dealer Level 2. With Jaltest you are able to run the same tests that the highest level of Deutz Serdia can, without having to buy special tools from Deutz or go take in-person classes.

Jaltest vs. Deutz Serdia – Which is Better?

We’ve helped folks from all over the world find the best solution for their Deutz diagnostic needs and one thing that is apparent is that the Deutz Serdia Level 1 doesn’t do enough and the Level 2 access is too costly and difficult to obtain.

After careful consideration, we’ve determined that the Jaltest Off-Highway software is the superior setup. Due to the fact that you get more coverage, are able to do more tests, and that it DOES NOT require in-person classroom training or specialized tools to purchase.

If you are planning on purchasing Deutz Serdia or performing any kind of Deutz diagnostics in the near future we STRONGLY recommend you look into the Jaltest software instead.

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. In this situation, with Deutz diagnostics, the Jaltest Off-Highway software is far superior to Deutz Serdia.

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