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Update for DG Interface Users

DG Interface

There is an important new update for DG interface users. DG Technologies has released version 2.10.12 software for the VSI-2534 automotive diagnostic and reprogramming tool.  This update includes speed and efficiency enhancements, bug fixes and a fix for General Motors reprogramming failures. Please follow this helpful procedure to download the update.

Step 1:

Open Control Panel | Programs and Features – locate VSI-2534 Software, highlight it, right-click, select uninstall, follow the on-screen instructions, reboot your PC.

Step 2:

Open https://www.dgtech.com/downloads/ Scroll down, click on Automotive Products, scroll down to VSI-2534 – Version 2.10.12.  Click on Download button, save to a folder of your choice.

Step 3:

Before installing this software, please disconnect VSI-2534 from your PC via USB cable.

Step 4:

Double click on the Setup_VSI2534.exe file to start the install, follow instructions.

Step 5:

Once the installation is complete, reconnect VSI-2534 via USB.

Step 6:

Open the Program Menu, find and click on the DGTech VSI-2534 folder, select Firmware Updater and Click Update Firmware.  Follow all prompts until complete.

Step 7:

Use either the new AVT or DGD to validate communication with a vehicle of your choice.

That’s it for now, we’ll keep you informed on any future updates for DG interface users as they are released.

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