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Isuzu IDSS – Best Pricing on The Internet

There are several options available when purchasing the Isuzu IDSS. We are offering a primer to help you make the best purchasing decision for your shop.

Isuzu IDSS was introduced toward the end of 2004 and covered the 2004.5–2005 engines. Since that time it has expanded to cover 1996 to present engines. It is a highly regarded software, being able to handle just about everything a technician can throw at it. It doesn’t have a very fancy platform, but its sheer simplicity makes it a pleasure to use. Here are some of the advantages of using IDSS:

  • Reprogram ECM units (all ECM files are in your computer)
  • Program injectors (all injector files are in your computer)
  • View & clear fault codes (includes links to wire diagrams & fault code solving procedures)
  • Service Manuals
  • Wire Diagrams
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration

Note: this list is only partial. For a complete list click here

This is the same factory software used by Isuzu dealers. Unlike most manufacturers, Isuzu is not hiding anything from the shop owner & technicians. Some manufacturers, even if they make software available, they make it incredibly difficult to access. The Isuzu IDSS makes diagnostic software very easy to use. When you open the Isuzu IDSS, all the icons are ready to use. Diagnostics, wire diagrams, service manuals & TSBs are all at your fingertips. Pages of actual photographs of the location of panels, relays, connectors & more. Plus, no annual renewal requirements. No need for passwords to log-on. If you replace injectors, IDSS makes it easy to program new injectors, as all injector coding is already loaded onto your IDSS computer.

No more begging the dealer or waiting for a download.


Winner — Best Value
Full IDSS 2 software / hardware package

This is the factory software & hardware package. It has the greatest capability. It includes:

  • IDSS 2 software
  • VCI module
  • OBD2 cable
  • USB cable
  • Installation guide
  • 6 months of free updates

Note: Unless you are working on new (and under warranty) trucks there is really no need to update your IDSS software more often than every 3 years. Dealers are required to update every 6 months but since it’s unlikely you’ll see trucks under warranty there is no need for an ISP to spend that extra money on updates for your IDSS

Factory IDSS is the best way to go. But who to buy from? Pricing is noted from $2200.00 to over $2700.00. If it’s the same product, why pay more?


Understand What You Are Buying
IDSS software only

The Isuzu IDSS software disc can be purchased separately. A disk is designed to work with Nexiq USBLink2

Things to consider if using the Nexiq USBLink2.

  • If using the USBLink2 you’ll need to purchase a special OBD2 adapter
  • You’ll need a Nexiq USBLink2
  • It won’t be able to program injectors on 2005–2007 engines.

Your costs to purchase the software, interface & OBD2 cable bring it to nearly the same amount as a full IDSS software / hardware package. And it’s not likely that you’ll get any support from Isuzu if you are using that combination.

Buyer beware. We have seen this IDSS software (only) being sold on the internet. Just remember the fact that it requires a specific interface & OBD2 cable. The price is attractive until you consider the other add-ons & limitations. We sell it too, but we notify you of added requirements, so you can make the best decision for your needs.


Watch Your Costs
Noregon Software / Hardware Package

Things to consider if using the Noregon JPRO 2.0.

This is sold as a kit that includes:

  • JPRO DLA2 interface
  • Isuzu software
  • OBD2 cable package from Noregon
  • It’s near the cost if IDSS, but the Noregon requires annual renewal
  • It can only be used with the JPRO DLA2 interface
  • It won’t be able to program injectors on 2005–2007 engines.


Be Mindful of The Computer

The internet will offer computer & Isuzu IDSS complete packages. If this package contains the factory Isuzu IDSS software / interface and it contains a new computer, that portion is good (of course, a shop rated computer is always recommended).

Isuzu IDSS doesn’t need a powerful computer but it still needs a good foundation. If your vendor is supplying a used or refurbished computer, watch for these issues.

  • A home / gaming grade computer. The are generally not durable under shop conditions.
  • A repaired / rebuilt computer that consists of parts from multiple computers. Just not a good idea, you’re asking for trouble.
  • Old computers. The most common shop computer example would be the Panasonic CF-30. In its day it was a great computer, but production on the CF-30 ceased in 2010, which means the newest CF-30 is almost 10 years old (as of Sept-2019). Most were built Win XP, some with Win 7. The problems is that as the operating system is upgraded it may not work with the drivers that were originally built for that computer. This can cause problems that are difficult to troubleshoot.
  • What is the computer warranty?

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