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Preventing JPRO Errors and Corrupted Files

There’s a new common issue with JPRO that we are seeing more and more of. This new issue is an error message that pops up when you go to open JPRO, it reads: “This appears to be an invalid installation of JPRO. Important files are missing or corrupted”. Luckily, the Noregon support team is easy to reach via phone and always willing to log on and get things fixed, but what causes this error? and can it be prevented? I’ll be breaking down what we know.

This specific error is typically caused by:

File Corruption

File corruption can be caused by a number of different factors, but in our field, the most common reasons you’ll encounter are:

  1. Sudden loss of power (AKA your computer dies while you’re using it)
  2. Not disconnecting the ECM before unplugging
Sudden Loss of Power

Sometimes you may encounter a situation where the computer runs out of battery and dies. This happens a lot, but if your computer dies while it is connected to a truck through JPro you may have a problem. If you’re in the middle of doing diagnostics in JPro and your laptop suddenly experiences a loss of power, there’s a good chance that some essential JPro files will become corrupted.

You’ll want to make sure the laptop battery is secure and your charging cable is nearby in case the power level runs low.

If you see that that battery is low and you have no way to charge it back up, the safest thing to do is disconnect from the ECM, close JPro, and turn the laptop off until you can get the charging cable. Those simple steps can be the difference between a JPro that works and a JPro that gives you error message after error message.

Not Disconnecting from ECM

Be careful to not just rip out cables and unplug everything in a rush. Whenever you’re connected to the ECM (in any software) you want to make sure that you’re properly disconnected. Just about every diagnostic program has a “Connect” and “Disconnect” button. Failure to click the “Disconnect” button prior to disconnecting can corrupt files.

How to Fix:

Right now the easiest way to fix this problem is to contact the Noregon Tech Support line at (855) 889-5776 (option 2). If for some reason they are not available or you need to do it in a hurry you can try to completely uninstall JPro from your laptop and then reinstall the latest version.

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